Acts 13

Acts 13

Barnabas and Saul Are Commissioned

Among the church’s ablest learned men
in Antioch of Syria (whose ken
included powers of prophecy & teaching)
were Barnabas & Simeon -- &, reaching
toward rich digression maybe sensible,
one Lucius (from Cyrene), dutiful
toward much, as also was Manaen, who
when young had been companionable to
King Herod Antipas, &, surely, Saul
might be rementioned; well, both lank & tall
was how each moment seemed when all those fellows
were gathered worshipers, sans yelps or bellows,
of Jesus’ mightiness & were strict fasters.
The Holy Spirit (ultimate of pastors)
soon said: “Appoint both Barnabas & Saul
to do those things for which my mandates call”;
so, after further fasting & more prayer,
those two received the treatment rich & rare
of having many hands so tap their shoulders
they turned as travel-prone as turn huge boulders.

Paul’s First Missionary Journey

Thus, by the Holy Spirit mighty Saul
along with Barnabas received a call
which soon required their visiting a port
(Seleucia), then sailing, not for sport,
toward Cyprus; there (in some specific town
known as ‘Salamis’) they went up & down
to visit Jewish synagogues & preach
God’s word to many; &, indeed, they each
felt glad to have with them the company
John Mark provided, as that man could be
of grand assistance in their sacred work.
Eventually, as spirits loath to shirk
they swept across that island skillfully;
&, when they were in Paphos, what might be
their special task but an encounter with
a man who, like some sort of monolith,
seemed sure at sorcery & was a Jew
who proffered prophecies quite far from true?
(‘Bar-Jesus’ was that person’s most used name,
&, for the purpose of securing fame,
he had, apparently, allied himself
with someone rife with potencies & pelf --
one Sergius Paulus, then the governor
of Cyprus & renowned as savvier
than many mortals generally are.)
That governor asked Barnabas & Saul
to visit him, since he now felt some call
in favor of conjoining with God’s word;
the sorcerer, however, soon felt stirred
(& in plain Greek his name was Elymas)
to hinder how some words might seem to pass
a test that would allow the governor
a sense of something ever livelier
whereby both Barnabas & Saul’s fine speaking
would never seem encumbered with harsh tweaking --
corruption almost certain to undo
all chances every concept would seem true;
(some definite desire apparently
would keep the governor’s ability
in realms entirely free of real belief).
Saul – also known as ‘Paul’ – stayed far from brief
in his now seeming absolutely sure
to view the Holy Spirit as grief’s cure;
he eyed that sorcerer, then loudly said:
“You very diabolic dunderhead
chock-full of gross deceit & utter fraud,
& so remote from kindnesses worlds laud
you certainly must be an enemy
of every aspect of felicity,
will you now never once show signs of ceasing
perverting how the Lord would keep increasing
all possibilities of truth & light?
Beware, since absolutely nothing slight
is in the way the Lord’s enormous power
may punish you throughout each future hour!
You likely will be struck entirely blind
& will discover you have been assigned
a state in which no sunlight (none whatever)
will for some time be part of your endeavor.”
Quite instantly, much mist & darkness fell
on that man’s vision, forcing him, pell-mell,
to grope around so, he soon had no choice
beyond mere begging hard with some sad voice
for some worlds’ lending him assisting hands;
the governor, a source of strict commands,
became, on seeing what had there transpired,
an entity whose nature seemed thrice fired
with deep belief – since, really, he stayed stunned
by how the Lord’s repute was orotund.

Paul Preaches in Antioch of Pisidia

Both Paul & all his comrades then departed
from Paphos, via ship, & soon had charted
a voyage toward Pamphylia, & landed
in Perga, one more port town richly sanded.
John Mark instead of staying with the others
remade Jerusalem his source for druthers,
whereas the goals of Paul & Barnabas
involved an inland trek some lad or lass
might see as deeply destined for the town
of Antioch, Pisidia’s renown
had long included; there, on Sabbath day,
those same then known apostles chose to stay,
for services, at such a synagogue
as keeps all worshipers quite, quite agog.
Once several readings from the standard books
(such as the works of Moses, & from nooks
perhaps much more prophetic) had occurred,
the men who ran the service sent a word
that went as follows: “Brothers, if you have
some concepts that might work as some fine salve
for sundry people, then, please, do step up,
& offer what now fills your mental cup!”
Paul then stood up &, lifting his right hand,
brought on much quiet with no reprimand,
then started speaking , thus, quite audibly:
“Dear men of Israel, pay heed to me --
&, you God-fearing Gentiles, do the same,
in hopes we soon may tune both shame & fame!
Our ancestors were chosen, now years back,
by God Himself, to keep all worlds on track
in ways inclusive of rich multiplying
that let our virtues manage wondrous vying
while those brave spirits tended to restay
in Egypt in large styles that would not stray;
eventually, with His omnipotence,
He led them far from slavery’s dissonance,
then tolerated every strangeness rife
when wilderness uncertainties made life
a source for how they wandered forty years
amidst large feelings full of unslight fears.
In Canaan He then crushed some seven nations,
then gave to Israel -- much like oblations
implicit when inheritings of riches
allow lives to inhabit special niches;
(all that as an event quite beautiful
required, to be completely actual,
the passing of four centuries &, say,
five decades more – all, quellers of dismay).
From that time on, God gave those people judges,
to tend to rule with no mere slapdash nudges,
& those held sway till mighty Samuel,
that able prophet, proved invaluable.
The populace then clamored for a king,
& God soon gave them Saul, a man whose ring
of authenticities included how
his father, Kish, had managed, like some prow,
to stay descended from one Benjamin,
whose forcefulness outsounded any din;
Saul’s reign endured for forty years, & ended
when God removed him quickly & extended
that office on to David, such a man
as surely fit so nicely in God’s plan
God’s praises of him were: ‘I now have found
a son of Jesse, David, to help ground
the future on firm actions I quite gladly
feel certain won’t redound the least bit sadly;
in fact, he will do everything I crave.’
Indeed, as nearly urges worlds to rave,
King David’s lineage directly led
to that same Jesus who of late has sped
to being rather known as the true Savior
of Israel – nay, all of our behavior!
His being with us was preceded by
how John the Baptist seemed to reach on high
by preaching that Israelis – one & all –
were duty-bound to stand completely tall
in terms of full repentances of sinning
&, in that process, finding ways of winning
God’s absolute full favor so completely
much baptism would follow nice & neatly.
As John was ending his great ministry
he spoke, this glibly: ‘Do you think of me
as “the Messiah”? Well, of course, I’m not!
However, very soon, on every spot,
He will arrive; & never once may I
be even slightly worthy – hip nor thigh –
to be his slave or touch his sandaled feet.’
Dear brothers, you fine sons, with ways discreet,
of Abraham -- & all you Gentiles, too,
God-fearing & devout folk through & through -- ,
a message on salvation has been sent
to all of us quite willing to repent!
Jerusalem’s inhabitants refused
to honor Jesus – nay, seemed unenthused -- ,
despite how prophecies had clearly said
enough on His behalf to keep worlds wed,
at all their levels, to grand fealty.
Instead, they roundly cursed Him endlessly,
&, in so doing, utterly fulfilled
prophetic words each Sabbath has instilled;
no legal reason could they truly find
to execute him, yet they had a mind
to ask one Pontius Pilate to discover
precise good ways, in any case, to hover
sufficiently to bring about His death
as if such murder might improve all breath.
Once all the prophecies were quite fulfilled
regarding how His blood would be so spilled
the hour to take Him from the cross would come,
so He (apparently quite near to numb)
was very placeable within a tomb,
then God (omnipotent against all doom)
soon caused him to be risen from that state
of death -- which seems to vanquish any trait!
For several days, or more than several, He
appeared to those who near to Galilee,
& toward Jerusalem, had lived with Him
& felt inspired so by His mighty vim
they now are ardent witnesses empowered
to help all Israel feel fully dowered.
We now are here to bring you Wondrous News,
a kind you surely might profoundly use,
betokening a wish our ancestors
be & remain amazing harbingers;
that prophecy God has fulfilled so well
its perfect image (Jesus) seems to spell,
among us & amidst us, ample ways
the second psalm delivers this fine praise:
‘You are my Son, &, certainly, today
I am your Father, ceaselessly to stay.’
Yes, God’s main promise certainly had been
in terms of letting Jesus’ body win
true resurrection, not so putrefying
mere human death was utterly harsh dying.
God’s words themselves were, ‘Him I’ll give firm blessings,
the same ones given David sans digressings’;
another phrase more fully states the point
in modes worlds utterly might re-anoint:
‘You won’t permit that Lordly Life to rot
in sepulcher or grave’ – a fact no jot
seemed true of David, who few moments after
his clearly being earthly king & crafter
to one full generation died, then went
as buried matter to a state which lent
his being soon with all his ancestors,
as fully gone as prove most monikers.
That concept clearly had as referent
another being hardly negligent,
one whom God helped stay risen up so high
His body never once might seem to die.
Dear brothers. listen! We would now proclaim
this Jesus as absolver of all shame,
an entity who expiates your sins;
each firm believer in Him soon is twins
with all the righteousness God ever tenders –
a fact Mosaic Law not once engenders;
be cautious, lest prophetic words apply,
which said: ‘You mockers, be amazed, then die!
For, I’ll be doing something, rather soon,
to bring more tribulation to each swoon,
despite large limitations on belief.’”
As those apostles left that day, though brief
seemed sundry interactions, many folk,
devoted to how nicely those men spoke,
begged both of them to grace the synagogue
one week from then & turn worlds more agog;
large multitudes of Jews, &, also, others
(devoted converts acting like true brothers)
were followers of Paul & Barnabas,
who, treating one & all as one fine mass,
urged such reliance on great godly graces
as ceaselessly keeps hope in sundry places.

Paul Turns to the Gentiles

One week ensuing, most of that same town
turned out, to hear them preach on the renown
the Lord’s continued presences created;
yet, when some Jews observed those crowds elated,
the jealousies infusing sundry hearts
soon spawned large hurlings of harsh verbal darts,
& slandering of Paul became so rife
he clearly seemed in danger of his life.
Both Paul & Barnabas then spoke out boldly,
declaring: “Far more ardently than coldly
we first & foremost felt a sense of duty
to tell you Jews the depth of God’s vast beauty;
however, since you’ve proved so querulous
you’d call eternal life ‘quite ominous,’
we’ll proffer that same news to other souls,
the Gentiles, who are famed for sundry goals.
The Lord commanded that, by telling us:
‘I designate your forms of fun & fuss
to show all Gentiles such illuminations
as bring a planet mighty dispensations.’"
The Gentiles, once apprised of that rich favor,
were gladdened greatly, like those kinds of craver
who feel relief when certain large effects
imply a world whose every charm connects;
they thanked the Lord with an amazing vigor,
since His kind message held quite special rigor.
That they felt chosen for eternal life
instilled belief that seemed to quell all strife;
the Lord’s rich message spread throughout the land,
yet Jews (as if to kick up tons of sand)
stirred up some local women & main leaders
so hostilely large actions served as feeders
of deeply moblike insurrection ready
to render Barnabas & Paul unsteady --
in fact, with a result so negative
it threatened every chance they long could live.
Forced out of town they were, till in a while
they seemed to have no recourse save to style
their steppings toward quick fleeing; thus, they shook
much dust from off their feet & briskly took
a trek to old Iconium, a town
unlikely to ensnare them in some frown;
continually, multiple believers
filled with the Holy Spirit & weren’t grievers.

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