Acts 6

Acts 6

Seven Men Chosen to Serve

However, once the converts toward believing
had quickly multiplied, so grew fresh grieving;
some new believers who were Greek by birth
complained toward Hebrews, & without much mirth,
producing accusations that implied
some Grecian widows stayed so mortified
they felt huge hungers on the simple basis
their food supply stayed far beneath true stasis.
The Twelve then summoned the converted crowd
& spoke of how the world was now endowed.
“We staunch apostles” (one of them declared)
“purvey God’s word -- not foods for lives impaired;
&, thus, dear brothers, you should choose seven men
deemed able to exert some special ken,
& those we’ll give that rather urgent power
while we continue teaching hour by hour.”
By one & all, that strong advice was taken
as ‘rich enough to stay quite unforsaken ,’
& Stephen – a quite godly faithful fellow,
along with six more converts that seemed mellow –
was chosen to be representative
of what all Twelve apostles sensed might live;
some fervent exhortation soon took place,
in order to beg heaven for its grace,
& the apostles prayed & laid on hands
so as to obviate strange reprimands;
&, thus, God’s message onward seemed to spread
throughout Jerusalem & seem undead
so grandly more than several Jewish priests
were somehow part of bright new verbal feasts.

Stephen Is Arrested 

Brave Stephen, very godly as he was,
performed fine miracles that made worlds buzz;
yet, one day, from some well-known synagogue
freed slaves then ruled came rage as thick as fog
as Stephen seemed compelled toward such debate
as has in it huge elements of hate.
His foes were mainly Jews from sundry places,
& none of them stood well against his graces;
they soon were urging men to tell some lies
that absolutely had no rich disguise
& hinted he blasphemed both God & Moses --
&, thus, were phrases rank with silly poses.
Roused up tremendously, folk eminent
began to turn completely virulent,
& they placed Stephen under an arrest
designed to give him countless forms of test.
The council of high potentates heard spouted
lies new & old from people to be doubted,
accusing him of saying with strange glee
that, somehow, Jesus was an enemy
intent on doubting with what probity
(& with whatever forms of harmony)
the customs brought by Moses into force
had seemed quite sure to minimize remorse.
When, at that very point, the council members
eyed Stephen, his face glowed like sacred embers. 

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