Acts 4

Acts 4

Peter and John before the Council

While John & Peter were addressing folk
some priests & other potentates quite broke
decorums that had let rich barriers
persist among all civil harbingers.
The Temple captain & some Sadducees
seemed quite disturbed by certain verities
those two apostles strove hard to transmit
about how Jesus kept large matters fit.
One vexing preachment spoke of resurrection
as Jesus had implied its full connection.
Soon John & Peter faced the penalty
of being hurled in jail peremptorily
from nighttime on until another day
had seemed to minimize much fresh dismay.
Yet, many listeners in fact believed
all words & phrases & felt undeceived,
&, so, about five thousand full-grown men
were followers whose firmness lived again.
The next day saw Jerusalem’s main priests
performing rather like some ill-trained beasts;
from high to low, those potentates seemed set
to treat apostles badly & worse yet;
one question all too stupidly emphatic
implied events that had to be erratic:
“By what great power & in whose great name
have you mere humans seemed to kill all shame?”
Then, as transformed by Holy Spirit modes,
some words from Peter functioned as fine goads:
“Great rulers & brave elders,” he soon said,
“are we thus mocked for seeming not quite dead?
Are we despised because some crippled man
soon fully walked as part of God’s main plan?
I now insist, to you & other folk,
the strengths of Jesus Christ wove Truth’s grand cloak
as that great Nazarene once crucified
had ways too magiclike to slip or slide;
His having been uplifted from dark death
had let Him seem endowed with endless breath;
in Scripture can be found a reference
to matter thriving in experience.
Salvation can’t arrive from any source
besides how Jesus tempered much remorse!”
The council members surely were amazed
by how those two apostles seemed unfazed,
since, clearly, both of them were merely men
not highly Scriptural in any ken.
Another fact was their association
with Jesus & His forms of sweet elation;
yet, since right there & manifestly standing
was that same cripple, scarcely reprimanding,
the gathered council had no lines to say
in any reference to how dreams pay,
&, thus, those great apostles were sent out
while council members languished in deep doubt.
They asked themselves, “What should we quickly do
with men like these, whose ways appear too true?
We really can’t deny that they’ve performed
so classically the city now seems stormed;
however, to prevent their saying much
regarding Jesus, we must gouge their touch.”
Soon both apostles had been quite advised
not ever to deem Christ ‘quite recognized.’
In fact, the strict request included words
which labeled Jesus ‘mostly for lost birds’;
however, John & Peter soon replied
in favor of a Jesus deified;
they said, ”Do you imagine God as wishing
our hearts away from quite perfected fishing?
Do you, in fact, suppose, we shouldn’t stay
devoted more to Him than toward strange day?
We simply cannot cease our fully stating
how our perception fractures all debating.”
The council then heaped threat on further threat
& then released both men, with some regret;
one fear had come to view more punishment
as likely to breed riots virulent,
since many folk persistently praised God
for seeming to lift lameness from dank sod.

The Believers Pray for Courage

Once freed, those brave apostles focused hard
on helping much devoutness be unmarred;
the foremost priests & elders, they implied,
had said some things quite far from dignified.
Soon all the firm believers joined in speech
whose mighty glibness had much grace to teach.
“O Mighty Maker of all worlds,” they said,
“long since, through David, you helped hope feel fed;
Yes, David had intoned, ‘Why were the nations
so furious -- so rife with execrations?
And why did they keep wasting all their hours
with futile plans endowed with no fine powers?
All earthly kings prepared for sudden wars
as concepts grew implying rank harsh gores;
those mighty men aligned to thwart God’s will
& agitate against Christ’s perfect skill.’
“In fact, here in Jerusalem events
proved Herod &, yes, Pilate, as too dense;
& Gentiles & assorted Israelites
heaped onto Jesus many forms of spites,
though Jesus was so thoroughly anointed
He was by us quite utterly appointed.
All sacrileges were ordained by fate,
& now , O Lord, we have fine things to state;
their threats You’ve absolutely clearly heard,
& now our duty is to preach Your word;
stretch out Your hand, with all its healing powers,
& Jesus’ wondrous name should fill life’s hours.”
That prayer’s rich ending caused quite sudden trembling
& let the Holy Spirit crush dissembling;
&some preachments of God’s word then boldly grew
sufficiently to heighten derring-do.
As all those firm believers seemed united,
they felt mere property should soon be slighted;
&, so, they merrily shared quite entirely
the things they owned & never once spoke direly.
Each brave apostle testified out loud
regarding Jesus as He stayed endowed
& of His resurrection with God’s blessing,
a fact that helped large worlds prove undistressing.

The Believers Share Their Possessions

No needy person then might quite exist,
since lands & houses throve on some shared list
& readily could be transformed to cash
which the apostles soon might share with dash.
(For instance, Joseph, nicknamed ‘Barnabas’
in honor of his courage & pizzazz,
did – with his background as a Cypriot –
quite freely give some spacious grassy plot.)

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