Acts 2

Acts 2

The Holy Spirit Comes

The day of Pentecost all firm believers
were gathered in one place as nondeceivers.
Quite suddenly, a sound from heaven grew
much like the roaring of some huge to-do
and filled the house in which they then were sitting –
like fire or brimstone very deeply flitting -- ;
& every person present soon was rife
with Holy Spirit aspects strong like strife
(strong aspects whose internal harmony
implied the Holy Spirit’s secret glee).
At that same time within Jerusalem
dwelt many Jews as parts of Nature’s hem.
When those devout examples heard that noise
they all came running like quite frightened boys,
since much bewilderment had taken hold
when their own lingoes some believers trolled.
“These people,” they exclaimed. “are Galileans
&, yet, they sound like us -- us nonplebians.
(We come from sundry countries, lands, & regions,
& now these folk stand out like perfect legions.)
“What might this mean” – some Jews continued saying –
when outlanders are famed for mostly braying?”
Some non-Jews in the crowd spewed ridicules
by calling the believers “Drink’s fat fools.”

Peter Preaches to the Crowd

Soon Peter with those other staunch eleven
stepped forward & appeared to tilt toward heaven.
He shouted, “Listen carefully you Jews
& others who may seek enormous news;
these people aren’t the least bit drunk, at all,
since now at nine o’clock that’s folderol.
The prophet Joel very clearly stated
in favor of a fact not yet outdated.
God spoke of how in final hours & days
His Spirit would react to man’s dismays.
Then sons & daughters might quite prophesy,
& visions could occur that cloud the sky.
(And older men will have stupendous dreams
so lively as to fabricate strange screams.)
(My Spirit then I’ll pour quite, quite profusely,
so men & women may not thrive obtusely;
prophetic words may emanate no end
& seem to set some vastly splendid trend.
The wonders I’ll permit in heaven’s glow,
along with special signs on Earth below,
will quite seem made of fire & blood & smoke
as if all sunlight surely has to choke.
The moon will turn blood-red -- as if honed knives
were speaking of the day the Lord arrives;
&, everyone who craves him will be saved,
no matter how all concepts seem depraved.)
Then Peter’s voice continued on, with lines
espousing Jesus, source of all that shines:
“God publically endorsed that Nazarene
by through him doing miracles quite seen.
Firm guessing says God knew what would occur,
inclusive of betrayal & of slur.
Some lawless Gentiles nailed him to a cross
& (thus) created worlds of heavy loss.
God soon, though, freed him from all signs of death
& gave him back the splendidness of breath.
King David had had this report to make:
‘I see my Lord endures for glory’s sake.
I won’t feel terrified but will be glad
as my heart celebrates not being sad;
my tongue reshouts His praises & knows hope,
since You may give me strength enough to cope
& sense no threat His flesh will find a grave
in which to putrefy as in a cave.
You’ve shown me the rich path of lasting life,
& You’ll provide me joyfulness sans strife.’
Dear brothers, think sincerely as to how
King David’s dreaming formed no narrow prow,
since he himself was buried & his tomb
remains quite vivid in much modern doom.
He was prophetic, & he knew God’s oath
gave promise of his own prospective growth.
A scion of King David soon would sit
enthroned on that same throne his ways kept fit.
The view of David stayed so future-bent
“The Risen Jesus” wafted in its scent.
(Yes, David seemed quite sure the powers of God
would counter Jesus’ rotting like mere sod.)
Indeed, God did raise Jesus from the dead
as each of us has fixed in heart & head.
He now sits in the highest realms of heaven,
at God’s right hand -- as if each world’s main leaven.
The Father, as he promised, gave to Him
the Holy Spirit, an enormous vim
He now pours out on us as we must sense.
Though David never rose to heavenly grace,
he deeply quite addressed the human race:
‘The Lord,’ he said, ‘spoke lordlily as planned
of how His Son then sat at His right hand
& would remain there till His enemies
were footstools for His main extremities.
Thus, let all Israel people know for sure
how God has let this Jesus be a cure
whose crucifying made Him The Messiah
unlikely to be any real pariah!’
Soon Peter’s words pierced sundry beating hearts,
& several asked how they might play fine parts.
From Peter then came answers very pointed,
as if in keeping with some source anointed.
“You each,” he said, “must utterly repent,
then turn toward God in ways sincerely meant
& (yes) be baptized in the name of Christ
(as his harsh death was no mere form of heist).
Forgiven for your sins, you’ll then receive
the Holy Spirit up your every sleeve.
The promise made to you, & many others,
will quite involve you as quite godly brothers.”
Then Peter went on, preaching, for a while
& urged his listeners away from guile;
& those who quite believed him (thousands, truly)
soon joined the church – in manners neat & ruly.

The Believers Form a Community

The multiple believers formed a group
the firm apostles led like some fine sloop.
They steeped themselves in teachings & in more
(such as strong fellowship & meals galore).
Profound respect soon ruled them (one & all)
as the apostles acted at the call
of miracles & wonders & more signs
quite evidently part of God’s designs.
In an appointed place all strong believers
both gathered & seemed happy as nongrievers.
They freely shared belongings with each other,
&, also, with each needy child & mother.
They worshiped at the Temple every day,
while the Lord’s Suppers helped their homes restay.
All meals they shared proved joyous & quite full
of generosity few worlds annul.
Indeed, each mouth praised God & felt goodwill
from countless people, as the Lord’s fine mill
perhaps quite grandly ground from day to day
more fellowship -- to save souls gone astray.

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