A View Through His Eyes

MtDew smallBruce Hamilton is a poet who has self-published more poetry books than most poets dream of writing. He began writing several decades before this photo was taken. Among his newer books are his Smug Senryu series, collections of "syllabic haikulike ‘itemettes,’" intended to be very jokey, very fun, according to the back cover of Smug Senryu.

Matthew 5:5

Mr. Hamilton fairly recently (&, largely, so as to live near his brother, Lee) moved to the Blue Ridge Mountains area of North Carolina , where he now resides in the town of West Jefferson. When he met Lee's pastor, Elliott Osowitt, the day after he arrived in North Carolina, he found himself without a belt for his pants. Pastor Elliott, on noticing this, gave Bruce his own belt, which has served him well since then. That experience led Bruce to produce the following Senryu mini-masterpiece:

A Belt I Received
The gift of a belt
permitted my middle parts

to taste real shrinkage.

Bruce’s publishers are AuthorHouse, Xlibris, & (very predominantly) iUniverse. His works can be purchased online through Barnes and Noble, Google Books, Amazon, and other fine resellers, as well as directly from his individual publishers.

(His “pen name” over the years having gone from Bruce Hamilton, to Bruce H. Hamilton, to Bruce Howard Hamilton, his stylistics have retrenched some into mere iambic pentameter coupleting – a fact obvious in his current Social Media presences & which he likes to call ‘Baroque Minimalism’; one incidentalism could be that in our very eclectic world he stays somewhat partial to the musicianships of John Cage, Elvis Presley, & Adele.)

Smug SenryuSmug Senryu TwoSmug Senryu~~Three~~Shakespeare' s Sonnets Redone60 Sonnets Original and Streamlined100 Limericks120 Paragraphs120 Schoolboyish Petrarchan Sonnets120 Standard Limericks140 Shorties140 Shorties II140 Shorties III222 Free Verse Bits250 Recent And Overly Decent Limericks250 Very Questionable HaikuDouble BaloneyDouble Baloney TWOEssays Of Multiple SortsEssays of Multiple Sorts TwoI Like Your Shirt EtcWilliam Shakespeares Twelfth Night Re done

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